Despre Petre

Oops, how did you get here? Nothing to see… move along. 🙂

I smile, breathe and go slowly on this journey from my head to my body and my belly and my Heart.

What do I am? Where is the awareness of my values? In Peace and Gratitude, in the Savoring of the Present.

Oh Simplicity, come save me from these demons! Help me shed this hardened shell of desire, ignite me with Authenticity and Meaning.

Vulnerability, oh goddess of Connection infuse me with the Courage to serve until there is nothing left of me but Service.

When we don’t appreciate the good in life, the good depreciate.

I’m grateful for all the suffering in my life, it gives meaning and adds value to my joy.

I’m grateful for all the suffering in my life for this is what reminds me that there is suffering in others and that in suffering and joy we are all ONE.

I’m interested in guiding imaginative creative and spiritual endeavors + engaging in social and entertainment networks.

I’m at my best when I’m imaginative in the context of planning of figuring out consequences.

I’m also wacky, goofy, dreamy, zany; interested in people’s inner experiences and where people are going with their emotional life, a mix of joy and melancholy.